The Mentor Machine is a scalable peak performance system developed by Co-Founder Luc Boivin. Using personal survey data, employee turnover stats, productivity stats, and market research, our intellectual property cohesively aligns individuals and organizations onto very defined personal strategic plans.

These plans define unique focus points, while helping discover and grow underserved strengths, and are implemented by a vast network of certified Mentor Machine representatives contained in a system currently with a capacity of up to 10,000 new corporate members.

Our results have proven, that once people achieve new areas of personal growth, the momentum achieved will often propel the individual into achieving compounding growth linking into other areas of their life.

"By incorporating The Mentor Machine system into my life, my perspective on how I view the daily routine of life has vastly changed.  I wake everyday knowing, understanding, and believing that I can achieve my life dreams and goals."

The Mentor Machine amazing staff has shown me how to break down my life goals into segments that I can steadily achieve over time.  I now have a determined mindset of putting forth my utmost effort to make the dreams I have, become my reality."        

Camden Grecco, University Student

Few things are more rewarding helping a father, mother, son, or daughter overcome emotionally reactive thinking. Helping people develop essential tools rooted in emotional intelligence, gives them a better chance to live a life of fulfillment.

The Mentor Machine Emotional Intelligence Process slows down thinking rooted in limiting beliefs and negative thinking.  Should a person grow to hold these type of thoughts captive, the victory is in an avoidance of the thought-to-emotional transfer.

​For many, negative thinking quickly drives their emotions into consequence based behaviors producing negative outcomes.  At the core of our organization, are people who personally understand the power of the process and use it on a daily basis.

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"To lead an organization solving the current challenges featured in the May 2014 issue of The Harvard Business Review is humbling.  Yes, I courageously chose to build a legacy inspiring people to overcome personal setback, childhood trauma, mental fatigue, and exhaustion."

"The Mentor Machine has been my path to therapy having overcome childhood trauma at age 8.  I couldn't find a resource to help me walk away from my daily journey of struggling to find my niche' in life.  We all have dreams, but sadly only a handful of people realize them.  This strategic living process is AWESOME!  

BTW, we solve a $500B annual problem in 18% of 150,000 people polled by Gallup.

Luc Boivin, Co-Founder The Mentor Machine

Gallup interviewed 150,000 US workers in 2013, and found that only 30% would describe themselves as being engaged at work, while 52% say they're disengaged, and the final 18% call themselves actively disengaged, and cost us $500B annually.  

How is Peak Performance Achieved?

The Mentor Machine is designed to create efficiency in team's by impacting, in a holistic sense, the individual teammates.  Individuals need more than didactic rhetoric, they also need to learn productive group strategies and receive organizational support and consultation to facilitate the development and implementation of the team's strategies (Van Stelle 74).  More so we aim to help individuals reach balance in the effective area of the brain primarily, which includes real emotions (anger, fear, frustration, etc.), and is one of the three components that form the foundation of Emotional Intelligence (Braidfoot 3), along with cognition and motivation.

Large financial institutions are no stranger to addressing the more holistic needs of their leaders.  American Express implemented programming in 1994 to explore if increasing the emotional intelligence of their managers had any validity.  In a 15-Month study, American Express employees that worked under managers that had undergone training to increase EI grew business at a rate of 18.1%, while the control group grew at 16.2% (Cherniss 1).  It has since become a part of their standard training program

Helping your team develop self-awareness; become more empathetic, and cultivate more substantive relationships are all the hallmarks of The Mentor Machine.

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"As a leader of people, my role is to lead and motivate my staff each and every day. A tool I have relied on is a daily motivational quote.  Although a quote is something to reflect on and discuss, it won't sustain a life of peak performance.

The Mentor Machine has been an extremely helpful tool for business.  The success of the program is it's simplicity. By starting each morning with my one page Strategic plan, I'm able to rapidly align with my 5 top priorities, and stay on track as the curve balls are thrown my way throughout the day."  

Ray Tate, Sumner County President FirstBank

"The Mentor Machine has helped me immensely by removing the roadblocks I have felt within my business and personal life.  Through their processes and systems, I implement strategic plans, goals, and daily action plans to transform my frustration into results!

This process has encouraged me by sharpening my strengths in order to serve both myself and my team through practical application.  I'm thankful for The Mentor Machine and Co-Founder Luc Boivin for their dedication to helping people like me discover and tap unlimited potential!

Ethan Nicodemus, Village Real Estate