"By incorporating The Mentor Machine strategic plan, it has vastly changed my perspective on how I view the daily routine of life.  I wake everyday knowing, understanding , and believing that I can achieve my life dreams and goals."

The Mentor Machine amazing staff has shown me how to break down my life goals into segments that I can steadily achieve over time.  I now have a determined mindset of putting forth my utmost effort to make the dreams I have, become my reality." Camden Grecco

The Mentor Machine has helped me realize who and what is most important in my life.  It is awfully tough to live a life of peak performance without a strong Core Vision & Core Mission.  None of the aforementioned happened overnight, as there has to be the willingness to succeed, and there has to be PROCESSES!

Through The Mentor Machine, I have implemented the structure and processes to live a life of peak performance that directly corresponds with my personal Core Mission and Core Vision."   Blake Dorsett

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On Day #1 your investment is put to work realizing your returns.  The Mentor Machine team begins the process of creating a shift in your corporate culture.  


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Gallup interviewed 150,000 US workers in 2013, and found that only 30% would describe themselves as being engaged at work, while 52% say they're disengaged, and the final 18% call themselves actively disengaged, and cost us $500B annually.  

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 Human Relations solutions

The use of our Personal Strategic Planning System produces the following results:

  • Building Cohesiveness based on relating to strengths.
  • Anonymous Employee Surveys to understand the current perception of corporate culture.
  • Personal Strategic Plan  for all colleagues based on strategic objectives of the company.
  • We measure qualitative and quantitative data,  employee turnover stats, and market research processes to clearly define your objective benchmarks.
  • Group Mastermind to open communication
  • Analysis Post Survey

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The individuals that make up the organization determine its effectiveness and success.  Employee motivation is the key to productivity.  The knowledge of how and why people act is an enormously powerful tool for management in motivating peak performance.  The Mentor Machine will help you learn what is driving individual and team behavior in your company.  We will help you to implement the NEW PARADIGM of Organizational Success and bring out the BEST in your people who desire it.


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Few things are more rewarding than helping people overcome emotionally reactive thinking. Beginning with our Co-Founders, we serve a deep commitment to lead people in discovering the essential tools rooted in emotional intelligence, which gives them a better chance to live a life of fulfillment.  When people are refreshed mentally, achieving results becomes second nature.

The Mentor Machine Emotional Intelligence Cycle Graph slows down thinking rooted in limiting beliefs and negative thinking.  Should a person grow to hold these type of thoughts captive, the victory in in an avoidance of the thought-to-emotion transfer.  For many, negative thinking quickly drives their emotions into consequences based behaviors producing negative outcomes.  At the core of our organization, are people who personally understand the power of the process and use it on a daily basis.

The Mentor Machine helps individuals and organizations become more successful and productive by bringing out the best in their most valuable asset...the human race.  We do this by assisting leadership to fuse the organizational goals with the individual's needs and goals.  Since motivation is directly proportional to the individuals needs, this dramatically impacts peak performance, morale, and results!

These plans define unique concentration points, while helping discover and grow underserved strengths, and are implemented by a vast network of certified Mentor Machine Business Counselors.  Our annual subscription system, currently has a capacity of 10,000 new corporate members, and is being offered at a price comparable to the cost of a one day seminar.

Our results have proven, that once people achieve new areas of personal growth, the momentum achieved will often propel the individual into achieving compounding growth linking into other areas of life.