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365 Day Results Driven Focus = Peak Performance Program
Our proven Family Plan process consists of using personal survey data, productivity stats, and Luc Boivin's intellectual property, to cohesively align individuals and organizations onto very defined personal strategic plans.  

Day (1) Consultation & 5 Part Email Series

Consultation & 5 Part Email Series delivered weekly to look into key areas of mental & emotional performance growth.  

Day (7) Personal Assessment

Personal Assessment Enrollment delivered via meeting for the purposes of developing Mentor Machine Personal Strategic Plan

Day (21) Personal Strategic Plan

Personal Strategic Plan identifying My Core Vision (What are the most important goals in my life), My Core Mission (Why are these important & do they fulfill me), My Personal Milestone (The mid-range goals I need to be aiming for), My Personality Assets (Based on All Factors Including Primary, Secondary, & Dormant Strengths), and My Daily Habits (What actions done daily set me up for strategic thinking and swiftly execute my weekly goals).

Days (22-365) Small Group Mastermind

Small Group Mastermind Sessions with the team to Boost Team Results & Morale.  The weekly small group in-house seminar provides individual participation and the development of peak performance behaviors to understanding what the best approach to a desired outcome is, how to master the process of achieving results. 

Day (366) Exit Assessment Survey

Day (366): Exit Assessment Survey for the purposes of custom tailoring years 2-3.

Bonus Value #1 Included For The Next 30 Days Only

60 Days FREE Parent Conflict Helpline available with access to your Mentor Machine Representative. This is a free service for the first 60 days of the program and is designed to guide leaders into building rapid momentum within their teams. (After 60 Day trial you are billed $150 per hour)

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Gallup interviewed 150,000 US workers in 2013, and found that only 30% would describe themselves as being engaged at work, while 52% say they're disengaged, and the final 18% call themselves actively disengaged, and cost us $500B annually.   

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