brian henson 
"THE SCIENCE OF economics"


Helping organizations implement processes to realize 636% Net Gains in their objectives is no easy task.  For Deddrick Perry, being able to take over $100K in bad debt, collect the loss, and realize a profit is his art. His passion for mentoring at the organizational level demonstrates measurable results producing year-over-year returns.

His Sales & Marketing experience is vast in his ability to play vital roles in expanding market share and increase sales levels through effective marketing programs and strategic planning.  Deddrick's no-nonsense approach to metrics keeps his focus exclusively on the process and not on the big picture.  Once strategic plans and processes have become implemented, the goal is to achieve results with as little adjustment as possible.  

Deddrick Allen Perry 
"The science of processes"

Caleb Co-Founded The Mentor Machine with his dad as a way of bridging the gap between Luc Boivin's tumultuous upbringing, and Caleb's leadership going forward as a young thought leader.

As a young teenager, he is on track to graduate High School before his Senior year and attain a Law Degree. Caleb is active in his school and is using the sport of Sabre Fencing to master battle tactics. 

Luc developed The Mentor Machine as a legacy project with his son Caleb. Luc's intellectual property transforms thinking rooted in limiting beliefs and negativity.  ​For many, negative thinking drives their emotions and daily lives into consequence based behaviors producing negative outcomes.  Being raised in Rhode Island and learning to overcome physical and emotional trauma at a young age, Luc changed the meaning of his upbringing and with the help of a core of advisors, became a concierge bodyguard serving various groups of people on an International basis.  

Having attended The Jack Welch Management Institute, he learned to implement Jack’s leadership lessons in his life and has become a visionary leader who creates strong and immediate connections, communicates expressively, and inspires people to become involved advocates in life & business.  Learn about Luc’s work here.

Luc Boivin/Founder
"The science of LIFE ENGAGEMENT"

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As a financial professional, Brian Henson has directed and managed all business and financial aspects of the Nashville Tennessee division of Hachette Publishing and Thomas Nelson. Mr. Henson creates and tracks sales and expense forecasting, for The Mentor Machine and measures/tracks key financial data in relation to member engagement on behalf of the companies we partner with.

He earned a full MBA from Wright University with a concentration in Accounting and Finance with honors at age 26 and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing and Marketing Management from the University of Dayton.

polly humphreys,  

​Polly Humphreys educates, inspires, and partners with people to develop the best versions of themselves.  Her proven approach is attained through helping people gain clarity and staying focused to solve problems earlier.  By helping clients understand their purpose, they then learn how to use the power of their minds efficiently to create a new framework & motivation to conquer obstacles, rid fear, and self-doubt.  The end result is that they shape a personal winning mindset for success on their own terms.  A true coach at heart, Polly instills ground breaking beliefs into clients like Luc Boivin to re-write the meaning of their lives and challenges them to simply find happiness while better engaging life.


Data provides a very personal look into the lives of people and organizations.  Dr. Stallworth measures qualitative & quantitative personal survey data, employee turnover stats, and market research processes to clearly define objective benchmarks.

Dr. Stallworth holds a Ph.D. in Counseling Studies from Capella University, a Master's Degree in Counseling from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science from Tennessee State University.  He is the Author of Stable Conscience which we are able to examine ourselves through an internal mirror of self.