"As a leader of people, my role is to lead and inspire my staff each and every day. A tool I have relied on is a daily motivational quote.  Although a quote is something to reflect on and discuss, it won't sustain a life of peak performance.

The Mentor Machine has been an extremely helpful tool for business.  The success of the program is it's simplicity. By starting each morning with my one page Strategic plan, I'm able to rapidly align with my 5 top priorities, and stay on track as the curve balls are thrown my way throughout the day."  

Ray Tate, Sumner County President FirstBank

"The Mentor Machine has helped me realize who and what is most important in my life.  It is awfully tough to live a life of peak performance without a strong Core Vision & Core Mission.  None of the aforementioned happened overnight, as there has to be the willingness to succeed, and there has to be PROCESSES!"

"Through The Mentor Machine, I have implemented the structure and processes to live a life of peak performance that directly corresponds with my personal Core Mission and Core Vision."   Blake Dorsett

"By incorporating The Mentor Machine strategic plan, it has vastly changed my perspective on how I view the daily routine of life.  I wake everyday knowing, understanding , and believing that I can achieve my life dreams and goals."

The Mentor Machine amazing staff has shown me how to break down my life goals into segments that I can steadily achieve over time.  I now have a determined mindset of putting forth my utmost effort to make the dreams I have, become my reality." Camden Grecco

" In December 2013, my family and I were homeless due to an unexpected job loss.  BY the grace of God, The Mentor Machine moved my family into Co-Founder's Luc & Caleb Boivin's basement apartment to begin a 90 Day journey to Sustainability."

"We learned how to think strategically, and become consistent in life, by knowing our Core Vision and what we wanted to achieve.  An added benefit is being able to recognize and stop the destructive cycles in life that were causing chaos, confusion, and hopelessness. I am now a top 5 performer at Asurion!  Jason Curtis

 human Relations results 

"The Mentor Machine has helped me immensely by removing the roadblocks I have felt within my business and personal life.  Through their processes and systems, I implement strategic plans, goals, and daily action plans to transform my frustration into results!

This process has encouraged me by sharpening my personal strengths in order to serve both myself and my team through practical application.  I'm thankful for The Mentor Machine and Co-Founder Luc Boivin for their dedication to helping people like me discover and tap unlimited potential!

Ethan Nicodemus, Village Real Estate Services

" As 2013 drew to a close I knew that wholesale changes were in order at Doorstep Delivery.  One of the biggest areas of concentration was our driver core.  I contracted with The Mentor Machine to infiltrate and change the driver culture."

Through setting a very intentional and purposeful example, The Mentor Machine team actually drove the routes for 30 days and led by example.  After their leader's second day of driving, the system he built had his performance metrics as the fastest and most well organized driver.  A truly great experience!"                      Ray Novak, owner Nashville Doorstep Delivery

"The Mentor Machine process has brought enormous clarity in my life when I needed it, and has helped me successfully navigate my high school education, and very soon I graduate!"

"Since being in The Mentor Machine, I have learned the importance of sticking to a core set of goals.  Before the program, I would never have had the courage to pay my own way through college.  If it wasn't good enough, I am being introduced to the owner of a great company adding value to their staff.  I am honored to be in The Mentor Machine"   Corbin Grecco